Microsoft® SharePoint

Tagle for Microsoft® SharePoint

Tagle connects SharePoint to Outlook and your desktop for simpler and FASTER document management


Tagle simplifies document management in SharePoint with drag and drop, lightning fast search, and tight integration with Outlook, Explorer, and your desktop.

Key benefits

  • Save timeSave HOURS per week in managing SharePoint documents. Drag files into SharePoint from Outlook, Windows Explorer, or your desktop.
  • SearchSearch SharePoint faster. See results as you type, jump to a folder or file instantly.
  • Integrate SharePoint with emailIntegrate SharePoint with email. Drag and drop attachments into SharePoint from email or drag files and folders back into an email to send links.
  • Reduce SharePoint training requirementsReduce SharePoint training requirements. Tagle is so simple to use, employees can become productive with SharePoint without any training.
  • NEW!  Now you can search for Content Types and Enterprise Keywords to find files, right from within Tagle.  Click here for more info.

Drag into SharePoint via Tagle:

Drag in files, folders, and even email attachments directly into SharePoint from Windows Explorer and Microsoft Outlook.

Uploading to SharePoint couldn't be simpler. 

SharePoint drag-in Tagle

Drag out SharePoint content via Tagle:

Drag out files and folders to into an email (or a document, or any text field in a browser) to send links to SharePoint content.*

This completely eliminates email attachment size restrictions and keeps your content managed safely and securely in SharePoint - not inboxes.

* You also have the option of dragging out the file itself by dragging the file icon, just in case the recipient doesn't have access to the SharePoint link

SharePoint Drag-out Tagle

Search SharePoint via Tagle:

Search SharePoint content quickly.  See results as you type when you jump to a folder or directly to a file.  No more waiting for slow page refreshes to find what you need.

SharePoint-search-fast Tagle


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